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...From the point to the line, from the line to the form, I like to explore between the surfaces searching for textures, folds colors and secrets.  All the pieces I make are the result of constant experimentation with the material and its possibilities.

I am interested in the ethical origin of the materials and I promote initiatives on responsible jewellery through

With my work, I´m in a constant search towards for more sustainable and responsible processes.  I use Fairmined silver and gold since 2018 and other ethical sourced metals and traceble gemstones.


Artistic Jewelry, Escola d´Art La Industrial, Barcelona, 2012-2015

Master in Product design, Escuela Elisava, Barcelona, 2006-2007

Silversmith, Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo, Bogotá, 1999-2001

Industrial Design, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, 1993-1998



Laura Ribero / Photography

My pieces have clean, subtle and timeless shapes. Some are inspired by geometry, repetition, sculpture and others are the result of a more intimate search among metaphors such as the passage of time, deterioration, warp.

I am excited to see how ideas begin to emerge when you manipulate the material, how thought, hand and tool are linked.

A jewel is an object with a special magic, it connects emotions, it generates attachments and at the same time it communicates a lot about who wears it without saying a word.



Video by Noka Films



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