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These pieces are small receptacles that actually contain nothing except a patina that is evocative of the passing of time. Exposed and deteriorated, the print of time and the beauty of the imperfect are perceived in their forms.


The pieces are realised in silver and brass, their surfaces have been treated with patinas to achieve different effects, textures and colours in their interiors. Their form is reminiscent of ceramic bowls or small silver containers that are hand fashioned.

Colorful emptiness brooch 2 - one of a kind - silver and brass

  • Metal: Sterling silver, brass and stainless steel
    Finished: Oxidized silver and brass. Patinas
    Collection: Colorful emptiness.

    One of a kind pieces
    Measure: 40X 29 X 27 mm
    Weight: 21 gr.

    Colors: green, red and brown patinas

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