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A jewelry exhibition about memories and the landscapes they draw. This title conects two different projects by Polina Dimitrova and Adriana Díaz, talking about relationships and events that change us. Traces on our skin and invisible marks in our interior in form of jewelry.
An event part of Parcours Bijoux 2017, Paris.  9-30 Nov. 2017 .Galerie Sophie...etc!   2 rue Gambey   75011 .  Paris

I have showed my project -The skin,Unfinished surface and presented the new serie of pieces based on wrinkles.

The skin and its narrative nature are the topics of this project. The skin is  our canvas, where unique and valuable marks are printed through the years. Scars, creases and wrinkles are traces of identity and  I use them as a metaphor of reality. The skin is a living tissue, constantly changing, it adapts, manifests, repairs itself, gets older and we wear it.

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