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The skin is our canvas,  where are printed unique and valuable marks that represent us and hide stories and memories. Original and unique bracelet, Skin texture printed on metal to create this collection.

Available in silver, oxidized silver and silver gold plated with 3 microns of 24k yellow gold. It could be also made in oxidized brass, black appearance with golden borders and central line.

Skin. Bracelets

  • Big ones:

    Metal: silver or brass
    Finished: silver (white), silver gold-plated (yellow), oxidized brass (black)
    Collection: Skin
    Measurements: 26 X 63 X 49 mm
    Weight: 70 gr

    Small ones:
    Finished: silver (white), silver rhodium-plated (black) and silver gold-plated (yellow).
    Collection: Skin
    Measurements: 6 X 60 X 49 mm
    Weight: 14 gr aprox

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